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5:00 PM - 7:00 PM Eastern
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On Thursday, April 11th we will host an event at Outsider Art located in the historic Portland neighborhood of Louisville. Just blocks from the Portland Museum the Outsider Art Museum & Gallery is a new space dedicated to the celebration of creative Outsiders - visual artists, musicians, writers, and performers who create outside cultural norms, the mainstream, or the realm of “fine art.” Individuals from diverse backgrounds who express themselves with pure, direct, uninhibited vision. In our view of it, Outsider Art may encompass the following categories: American Contemporary Folk Art, Self-Taught Art, Art Brut, Visionary Art, and Naive Art. 

The gallery will be open for Impact100 members from 5 PM- 7 PM with a brief update from some of our grant recipients in the neighborhood around 6 PM. Light refreshments will be served. 
Outsider Art Museum and Gallery
2510 Portland Ave
Louisville, KY 40212

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